Saturday, April 3, 2010

Night of the Living Trailers: Rumpelstiltskin (1995)

While browsing in an antique shop, a young mother (Kim Johnston Ulrich) comes across an unusually carved "wishing stone" that's too intriguing to resist. Little does she realize, however, that her one wish will free the demonic Rumpelstiltskin (Max Grodenchik), who's been trapped inside the rock for more than 500 years and who survives by eating babies. Now, the young mom has just three chances to guess the impish man's name or lose her child.

Seeing this movie at the tender (or not so tender) age of 10 was a very magical experience indeed. Full Moon was one of my favorite companies back then (well, still is I suppose...I can't help but love almost every single thing they've put out) and Rumpelstiltskin is definitely one of their better releases (next to Castle Freak and the Puppet Master series). Now, not much can be said about this movie in detail now, but I can say that it's a pretty solid picture. I haven't seen the darn thing since '95 so don't throw your boogers at me just yet. I looked it up on Netflix and unfortunately they don't have a copy available for shipping but I think you can find the whole movie on Youtube if you hunt for it. It is definitely worth the search if you love your movies extra buttery and terrible for the arteries.

Edit: I just found the entire movie on Youtube quite easily. I've decided to post it below for your convenience. Enjoy!


  1. This is so making my Zombie Jesus day line-up today, thanks for sharing, E!

    Its funny because I actually saw the trailer for this on YouTube a few days ago whilst browsing for horror movies of the 90s. Great pick.

  2. There should be an official sub genre of horror movies that start in or heavily involve an antique store.