Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Puppet Master: Axis of Evil Trailer

Well, hmmmmm. How do I feel about this movie? Uhhhh. Ermmmm. Meh? The music is spectacular, but that's not really saying much is it? Now, if there is an excessive amount of stop motion animation and a severe lack of CGI then I will be one satisfied fan. Puppet Master I, II, III, IV and V were EXCELLENT films (I personally love part III). Excellent I say! And whether you agree or disagree is beside the point because this latest installment is the bigger issue. Lets travel back in time here, shall well?

Do you remember the films of Full Moon Entertainment? Seriously, do you? Well, lets refreshify your memory:

You may remember enjoying or not enjoying, depending on what your preferences for B-movies are: Demonic Toys, Castle Freak, Subspecies, Dollman, Shrunken Heads, Lurking Fear, Head of the Family and all of the countless, "extra cheese please!" celluloid ever created in the movie industry (quite arguable I suppose). All I know is that I grew up with Full Moon so I can't help but reserve a soft spot for Charles Band and company in the darkest chambers of my heart. The slightest bit of excitement for their latest Puppet Master installment, no matter how horrible it may wind up being, is kind of comforting in a way that I can't really explain. Either way I'll give this one a handshake and a conversation. Let's just hope it's not that awkward first kiss that we all come to dread.

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