Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I decided to take a break from Victor and Boris to work on a mini-comic that is yet to be named. I'm not sure where it is going to be honest. I thought I'd post some sketches to show my progress. I should have some Victor and Boris stuff uploaded soon once I work out some of the details. The letter addressed to me is from my friend, Alex Overall, who gave me the sketchbook I am currently drawing in. I had back surgery in 2002 and the sketchbook was all I could really interact with since I was immobile for three weeks. Slowly Downward was the name of our first band.


  1. Taking a break? Wha-?

    I look so forward to seeing the new stuff. Where's the epic zombie massacre?

  2. Love how the guy's head just falls off BTW, great pacing. That's exactly how I feel every Monday morning.

  3. ha ha thanks man. By "taking a break" I just meant "refreshing my brain" since I've been so hard at work with these two guys. I just wanted to post some other stuff I have been working on. LOOOOOOVE Victor and Boris header you designed! I used it for my page :) I love it!